Are you the kind of person who not only watches TV but also wants to know how the TV works? Some of us just need to know how things work and understand how they do what they do. And that’s okay! We’re dealing with the body here, which is an incredible mystery. After all, why do you think a doctor’s practice is called a “practice”?

Sound can hurt or heal. Just listen to some heavy metal and then switch to Mozart. See if you feel a difference. Search the internet for the effects of sound waves on your body. Modern science has identified and verified specific waveforms that promote healing. The AlphaSonic™ produces a signal in the approximate range of 8 to 14 Hz with a high concentration of specific signals within 8 to 14 Hz that have been scientifically identified as being key in activating the body’s own natural healing process. These signals are biocompatible in nature.

Application of the AlphaSonic™ can result in the dramatic reduction of elevated thermal gradients (indicative of inflammation) and relaxation of muscle spasm. As local circulation is increased, swelling is reduced. Scar tissue can soften, becoming less prone to re-injury. Over stimulated nerves can be quieted by the soothing alpha frequencies and gentle pulsation.


“The goal of any physical therapy no matter what modality you use is to increase circulation and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the tissue. The AlphaSonic™ absolutely increases circulation, and allows the body to heal itself. It is one of the most effective therapy tools available, and safe to use.”
Ron Riegel, DVM. Speaker, researcher, and author of
“Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy” and “Common Disorders of the Horse”, Volumes I and II.


AlphaSonic™ Technology Benefits may include:


  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased local circulation
  • Relaxed muscle spasm
  • Increased alpha rhythm
  • Reduced swelling

Additional potential benefits include:

  • Enhanced therapy efforts, minimizes de-tox soreness
  • Faster absorption and uptake for medications and supplements
  • Faster, more successful recoveries
  • Safe, effective patient participation
  • Softening of scar tissue

When is it safe to apply the AlphaSonic?:

  • Acute
  • Sub Acute
  • Chronic
  • Prevention
  • Before and after workout


  • User friendly
  • Fast Results
  • Long lasting results
  • Penetrates through clothes, shoes, bandages, casts
  • Conductor gel not required

Safety Concerns:

  • Non invasive
  • Does not heat tissue (as compared to ultrasound)
  • Sound waves are bio-compatible
  • Safe to use in all phases of an injury
  • No tolerance buildup
  • Adequate hydration is important
  • Contraindications – do not use with pregnancy, pacemakers, do not apply directly to broken skin or extremely inflamed skin (hold a few inches away), touch the eyes directly (hold a few inches above instead), and do not use directly on a local area when a blood clot is known or suspected



The following images were taken from a controlled study conducted by Dr. Riegel, DVM to determine the efficacy of the AlphaSonic™ as a means of Acoustic Acupuncture™. In this study, selected acupuncture points (acupoints) were chosen to reduce inflammation in a very specific anatomical location. This intended location in simple terms was from below the knee to the top of the hoof on the right leg of the horse as pictured (the actual left leg).

The thermography scale in each image reflects blue as cold graduating to extremely hot white.
Note that this scale applies to all of the images on this page.


Initial thermograph reveals increased thermal gradients throughout left leg. (The leg that is pictured on the right is the left leg.) This is a race horse actively training and racing. Thermal gradients are highly elevated and reflect excessive heat in all areas of the leg.

The AlphaSonic™ was applied to the specific acupoints for this study and this image was taken twelve hours post treatment. The thermal gradients fell so dramatically for this specific area that they were no longer detectable within the standard isotherm setting for the study. This race horse through the course of the study continued training and racing.

This is the same horse as in the prior two images. This horse has now received a total of 5 treatments over 5 days. During this time, this horse has trained and raced. The only therapeutic modality that was applied was the AlphaSonic™. This thermographic image reflects a massive decrease in the overall area targeted during the study for reduction of inflammation. This image was taken 48 hours after the last of five treatments, which reflects the long lasting anti-inflammatory effects of the AlphaSonic™.



  • There was a 100% response in the study. This means all treated subjects had similar results in this study. In addition, blood chemistry analysis of AST and CPK (muscle specific diagnostic enzymes) overall were lowered, in spite of continued racing and training. What is interesting to note is that in spite of a very small anatomical area being targeted for this study the elevated blood chemistry levels were lowered and brought within normal limits.
  • When an athlete is in training it is normal to have increased thermal gradients, yet in this highly controlled study the thermal gradients fell so dramatically they were no longer detectable for what the isotherm (measure) had been set to.
  • All subjects in the study received no medication or other therapeutic modalities.



In this study, the AlphaSonic™ has been definitely proven as a means of Acoustic Acupuncture™ to reduce elevated thermal gradients and further reduce elevated levels of the blood serums tested.


“I have yet to see any other therapy modality that is as safe and effective as this technology in all my years of practice, school, or research.”
Ron Riegel, DVM. Speaker, researcher, and author of
“Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy” and “Common Disorders of the Horse”, Volumes I and II.


These inaudible signals travel throughout the body with a rippling effect, penetrating deeply through cellular structure, moving stagnant fluids and activating cellular response.

The AlphaSonic™ time and time again has proven highly effective. Rapid pain reduction is achieved naturally through a decrease of inflammation, muscle spasm relief, increase of local circulation and a general state of relaxation. Often users report very fast results (sometimes in just ten minutes) that are long lasting.



It is my feeling that if the brain is the body’s computer, and if we increase brain wave alpha rhythm, thereby increasing processing speed (similar to high speed vs. dial up connection) it might be similar to defragmenting a computer to eliminate bugs and viruses, allowing for higher, more efficient processing.

As a result of simply turning on the AlphaSonic™ and directing the soundwaves to the body, I believe that the brain is able to more efficiently process the information that is being received by ALL of the senses. This belief is solely based on the last umpteen years of observation, clinical research and numerous case studies.

All physical bodies are unique and have unique “processing “ times for various issues. For some, “miraculous” results are attained in a very short period of time. For others, it may be more gradual. Take a good inventory of your physical situation i.e. energy, aches, pains, range of motion, stamina, etc. and then see how you feel in a couple of weeks after using the AlphaSonic™ regularly.