AlphaSonic™ Dual Model

AlphaSonic™ Dual Model


The AlphaSonic™ Dual Transducer Model comes with two transducers for  faster and more effective treatments.

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Get even faster and more effective treatments with the newly updated AlphaSonic™ Dual Transducer Model! Using the two transducer application, you can accomplish in seconds that which takes minutes with the Standard Model.

Product includes:

  • Signal box
  • One transducer with handle in pouch with adjustable strap
  • One flat transducer (a $395.00 value)
  • Carry case
  • Plus your choice of 3 Application Protocols (a $90.00 value)!

Some say the new AlphaSonic™ Dual Transducer Model is two or three times more effective than the machine’s original configuration. Now you can run two transducers on your AlphaSonic™ to attain amplified harmonics and expect increased results, much more quickly. AlphaSonic™ Director of Research and Education, Susan Stoltz says, “Using the two transducer application, I can accomplish in seconds that which previously took minutes. I find it remarkable and very exciting.”

“I had spectacular results with the single transducer model. But with the dual transducer model, WOW! The results are profoundly more dramatic. I am amazed it could get even better. I recommend everyone have the dual model. What’s great is that the standard model is easily adapted. You don’t have to purchase a whole new unit. And I honestly can’t imagine my practice without it. It brings life-changing results!”
Dr. Michael Que, Meeker Chiropractic, CO

Increased efficiency and effectiveness of using the dual transducers translates to applying the exact same signals simultaneously to different parts of the body. Rapid changes can occur because energy is moved and blockages are released. Here’s an example: By placing one transducer on the area in question and a second transducer on a supporting acupuncture point, results can be attained more quickly because there is immediate communication between the two points. Two points on two separate meridians may also be stimulated to affect a desired result as well.

The AlphaSonic™ delivers totally safe, bio-compatible sound waves in the range of Alpha (approximately 8 to 14 Hz). Most people find it’s gentle pulsating massage quite soothing and relaxing. Safe to use in all phases of an injury as it won’t heat up tissue.

“The benefits are like getting a combination of acupuncture without needles, deeper penetration than ultrasound without risks and deep tissue massage without the resulting discomfort.” —Susan Stoltz, AlphaSonic™ Owner and Founder

Additional information

Weight 39.6 oz
Select 3 included Protocols

Hips, Shoulders, Back, Legs